Transfer hacked metamask seed phrase to a ledger wallet

I have a legit question, my metamask was hacked and now i am going to get a ledger, i know i can transfer the seed phrase of my metmask to my ledger. But the question is… should i do that ? can that person do something like hack my ledger live with that same key ?

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Hey @LilMexicanPt, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

You should definitely not use the same Secret Recovery Phrase of your hacked MetaMask wallet. When you get your Ledger wallet, a new 24-word phrase will be given to you.

So basically, the invesment on my Bombcrypto its lost and i cant do nothing about it even with ledger or any other hardware wallet ?

If your wallet has been hacked and tokens were transferred out, then unfortunately they cannot be retrieved.

Thanks for answering me, seems like i am f#### good , are you guys develop more secure ways to protect the accounts like F2A ?

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Sorry to hear this has happened :frowning:

Because MetaMask is a non-custodial wallet, 2FA does not actually improve security. A more secure way would be through a hardware wallet, like Ledger.

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I did not share my secret words with anyone and did not enter an application! This is completely your irresponsibility. You are such a stupid site! You have no security checks!

Hey @huseyinkuvvet, sorry to hear this has happened.

If you believe your wallet has been hacked, please refer to this post here: