Transfer HEX to Etherium address

Thank you for a good product!
I did transfer my HEX tokens to external ETH-wallet (Blockfolio) with help of go.hex com interface.
Transaction was ok (confirmed by Etherscan).
But receiver wallet don’t show my coins and tokens.
What i need to do to return access to my HEX/ETH?
Sorry for incompetence!

Your HEX tokens are permanent lossed :roll_eyes:

Thank you, Luigi!
Yes, I did make a stupid thing. But is the invitation of to send HEX to Ethereum wallet some kind of deception?

You used Blockfolio :neutral_face: you don’t have a privat key :warning: bad crypto wallet

Please recommend something other, Luigi!

I recommend not used Blockfolio wallet :smiley: use Metamask :fox_face:
or different crypto wallet with private keys :key:

Thank you, Luigi!
I hope Blockfolio will make access to HEX token in their wallet and API keys.

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