Transfer Sys in Rollux mainnet network failed

Hello, I have SYS crypto in my MetaMask account under “Rollux Mainnet” network. This MetaMask wallet is connected to my Ledger hardware wallet. I have transferred Sys token from my MetaMask wallet to MEXC exchange using same network “SYSROLLUX”. I see the status in MetaMask as “confirmed”, but i didn’t receive the SYS token in my MEXC exchange wallet. Also MetaMask wallet still showing the Sys token under Rollux Mainnet. Please let me know how to transfer SYS token to my exchange under Rollux mainnet.

Hello and welcome to the MetaMask community!
Can you check the status of your assets in the blockchain browser? Sometimes the MetaMask display may be delayed due to network reasons, while making sure you have enough gas fees to send the token.
All I know is that yesterday there was a security incident with the Ledger hardware wallet, I am not sure if you were affected by this security incident, please double check the exclusion.


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