Transfer usdc directly to polygon network

I wanted to transfer USD coin to my matic network directly from Celsius. I added the matic network and added the USDC to that network. Then I copied the USDC address from the matic network and transferred USDC from Celsius (my end goal is to deposit USDC into AAVE polygon). However, the tokens were credited to the USDC in the Ethereum network (I noticed the USDC address is the same on both Ethereum and Matic networks). To get those USD coins into the matic network I would have to use the ETH-MATIC bridge and pay ridiculous gas fees, which is what I was trying to avoid from the beginning. Am I missing something or there is no way to send USDC (or any other coin/token) directly to the matic network without having to go through the Ethereum network and using a bridge?


I m in the exact same situation, currently am asking around aswell… Gonna leave updates below

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I don’t think there is a way to get into the matic network without a bridge.