Transfer USDC from polygon to Eterium main net on metamask but coins didnt arrive

I hope someone can help me here.
I transferred USDC from polygon mainnet to etherium mainnet in my metamask wallet.
The coins are not showing in etherium mainnet.
I used polygon bridge.
Here is the transaction hash : 0x8083fe3d38ebb7db46936d6cae3f43fc72fe2ce0b6395e5dba3615a449f63331
Just not sure what I did wrong and dont want to make this mistake with a large transaction.
Any help appreciated.


Hello, please provide your address and I’ll check it for you

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Thanks for that:


The hash you said was not found. Is there any error in the provision?

It says still pending but I cant work out how to cancel the transaction and the funds are not in metamask.

Don’t worry, just wait patiently. A reminder: polygon’s official cross chain is relatively slow. It is recommended to use a third-party cross chain,Just a moment, please. I’m checking


OK thank you very much.
It says I sent it to null address so I thought maybe I made a mistake.
Still all very confusing to me.

The official cross chain of polygon is to destroy the coin on the polygon chain first, and then cast a new coin on the ETH chain. Recently, the official cross chain is very card. My suggestion is to use the third-party cross chain. They use the aggregation pool, which can arrive faster. Generally, they can arrive in a few minutes.


Great thank you. Appreciate the help :slight_smile:


its my proble, too. tank you for evrything :heart:

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