Transfering mg NFT

Hey guys whats up?

I was wondering if i can directly send my NFT from my MetaMask wallet to my Phantom wallet. Do i need to do anything before sending it or i can just do it directly?

hi. Since Phantom wallet currently only supports Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon, please make sure that the NFT you want to send from MetaMask is on Ethereum or Polygon chain.
Also, when you copy the recipient address, please copy the Ethereum / Polygon address, not the Solana address.

Here is an article about NFT sending and receiving.


I would be sending y00ts i guess its okay since theyre multi chain now. Should I copy the eth addy or polygon addy of my ohantom?

I am not familiar with the y00ts you mentioned, if it is deployed on multiple chains, you also need to send it from Ethereum or polygon. Because the receiver currently only supports these 2 chains.

The addresses of Ethereum and polygon are the same, both are ok

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