Transferred 3.7 ETH out of BlockFi, showed up as 0 in my MetaMask wallet

Hi, I liquidated my ETH position on BlockFi into MetaMask. It was 3.7 ETH, here is the transaction hash:


I received the transaction in my MetaMask wallet but it showed up as 0 ETH as shows on the transaction hash.

It seems like it went through some middleman or smart contract and then turned it into 0? I don’t know, I’m kind of confused.

Any ideas where this 3.7 ETH is?

Mac OSX, Google Chrome Meta Mask extension.

Looks a little sketchy, can someone verify this website? I don’t want to put my recovery phrase in anywhere.

Anyone have a solution that’s not a total scam?

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Any website that asks you to input your recovery phrase is a scam in my mind.

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Bumping this for visibility.

I am literally going through the same thing. Spoke with Blockfi and they said it was sent out on there end. When I check the txn hash link they provided it shows correct addrss and everything. I then went and checked my address transactions on metamask all incoming Eth on the date Blockfi transaction was supposed to have happened and there is nothing for that date showing up for In column. I have reached out to Metamask and they said the back log is 7 days while I wait without my 2.48 Eth. Sucks and makes me feel uneasy.