Metamask to BlockFi ETH transfer not showing up

I attempted to send ETH from my Metamask wallet to BlockFi, but it’s not showing up on BlockFi. I contacted BlockFi support, but they said I needed to contact Metamask because it has something to do with the smart contract. So I contacted Metamask support 10 days ago, but still no response.

The transaction shows as successful from Metamask to BlockFi on Etherscan, so I’m pretty sure my ETH is sitting out there somewhere. Anyone have ideas for how I can recover my ETH?


Literally having this same issue right now. Did it eventually show up?

Blockfi support was finally able to help me out, and I received my ETH. The first person I contacted at Blockfi gave me incorrect information saying that it was a Metamask issue. Contact Blockfi support and they should be able to help you.

I did, and they told me to contact metamask just like you, which is why I’m here. So I just need to be in touch with a different person at BlockFi I guess?

Correct. I don’t have my email exchange saved, but the second Blockfi support person had to get assistance from a different department to retrieve the funds. Essentially from what I understood, the transaction was successful so Blockfi has your ETH. It just hasn’t been credited to your account.