Cannot send USDT to BlockFi

I have 450$ in the Ethereum Blockchain on my Metamask wallet and I’m trying to send it to BlockFi.

I copypasted the address from my BlockFi account, but I cannot send it, the metamask’s button is not working. What am I doing wrong?


What do you mean with reload your wallet?
I tried with different browser.
I log off and in and the result is the same.

My metamask wallet is “not connected to the site”, but I never thought it was a problem.

I’ve never heard of…and I don’t trust to connect all my wallets to a single unknown site, sorry mate :wink:

any news about this problem?

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I don’t have ETH in my wallet to pay GAS Fee? Maybe is it the main problem?

yeh me too
I send my BUSD but i don’t have my coin in BlockFi

I think you must have ETH in the metamask wallet to pay GAS fee to transfer to BlockFi’s account.