Transferred (PoS)USDT in polygonscan

I don’t know how to transfer PoS USDT from polygonscan back to metamask. I mistakenly sent the usdt to my binance but I saw it in polygonscan. Can please someone help me about this. Thank you so much.


You may need a bridge to connect your wallet so you may be able to move your assets between networks . But I will advice you take proper advice from one of the forum administrators


I can’t also transfer it to the account in polygonscan that I created. I can only locate it on my metamask activity. What will I do? thank you for your reply.

@She10 go to your Metamask copy the receive address of polygon usdt and go back to your binance and send it there

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If it was sent to Binance, their support is going to be your best option.

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