Please I need help on this issue!

hello good afternoon … I wanted to ask a question if I can transfer usdt from the metamak polygon network to the BSC…or do I have to use a network swap

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Hi friend! @user753 Welcome to the MetaMask Community Forum!
If you go to your MetaMask wallet and click on “Portfolio site” then it will pop up a new tab. Click on “Bridge” and from here you will be able to bridge USDT from Polygon to BNB chain.

Hope that answers your question! If you have any further questions then feel free to ask!

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Thanks for your answer. I didn’t know this about the bridge… but I have another question + Is it possible to send the usdt from MetaMask polygon directly to my binance wallet without having to use the bridge?

Always check supported networks here
in your binance account you have to generate the ethereum address for polygon network.
Better test it on a small amount… first send 5 - 10 USDT :slightly_smiling_face:


then it is
completely safe to transfer my usdt from MetaMask polygon to my Binance wallet.

Yeah :smiley: it should work. If they have no technical problems…

If there is a network problem, you can see it here :point_down:

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thanks for your help


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