Trasfer from game to wallet

i trasferred dst and the operation was done inside the game , but the transfer was not found in the wallet and it shows error code:3200

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Your gas fee for this transaction is extremely low. That’s why you got the error. Says so even in the error itself. Please increase the gwei, gas fees by a lot more to have a successful transaction.

will my transaction be reversed and canceled so i can do it again or not?

It failed, as far as i see. The dapp you are using might not be optimized very well in setting transaction parameters it seems. Check your wallet address on polygonscan to see if there’s any pending transactions. If not, you will need to reinitialize the transaction and this time use higher gas fee settings for it.

EIP-1559 not enabled on Common

this error exists for my wallet

Try switching networks to Ethereum mainnet and switching back. Are you using chrome browser or something else?


i using chrome browser

gas fee is having problem again,even though i choose aggresive , it still doesnt work

thank you , fixed …

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