Unable to connect my hardware wallet (Ledger or Trezor)

We are actively working to improve the hardware wallet experience with MetaMask. In the meantime, try these troubleshooting tips and solutions for connecting your hardware wallet.

Hi. I have been unable to connect to Ledger on my Mac/Firefox, with everything up to date after following all the troubleshooting steps, multiple times, across multiple browsers, and trying every single trick found in this site, including re-creating my MM wallet in a new browser. My cable works with Ledgerlive just fine. The only thing I have not tried is resetting my ledger wallet from seed. My question is…does this post mean that there are currently bugs being worked out, and that my experience is happening to many others? Or, are my issues abnormal? Thanks.

Great question. Hardware support is still a work in progress, so unfortunately your issues aren’t abnormal, but we’re working to improve the integration!