Unable to load INJ token

I use MetaMask and connect with keystone

  1. Yesterday i create bsc network
  2. Add import token INJ injective protocol
  3. Withdraw INJ from binance by bep20 network
  4. Tx success n complete
  5. I check my tx at bsc scan n complete
  6. I check my porto MetaMask n INJ is in there
  7. I cant swap with portofolio mode maybe because i connect with keystone soo i must swap without portofolio
  8. But INJ token in my MetaMask Unable to load balance n make me cant swap n sent

Soo what can i do?

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Hi @DjudS what browser are you using? Chrome?

:one: Try select ‘This Can Read and Change Site Data’
Select ‘On All Sites’ :point_down:

:two: Switch to a different network and back again. To do this, click on your current network at the top of the app. Select a different network, and then switch back to your original network again.

:three: Try adding a token :point_down: by opening coingecko page and clicking on the fox :fox_face: icon

How to remove a token:

:four: Install MetaMask using another supported browser (Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Edge) from our official website https://metamask.io , and then try restoring your wallet using the 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase in case the issue is only present in the browser you are currently using.


How if i using mobile MetaMask? Because my pc n laptop camera cant scan keystone barcode to get sign tx

I try with MetaMask browser in MetaMask
I cant add by coingecko

My network is bsc but it cant add by coingecko

If i add manual token it stuck at token addresss i cant fill token symbol and decimal so i cant import manual token

Very confuse n frustated now :smiling_face_with_tear:

hi @DjudS , click the copy icon to copy the contract address, then import it to your wallet.
symbols and decimals will be filled in automatically


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