After adding tokens manually, I get the legend "Unable to load balance" I don't know what to do

After adding tokens manually, I get the legend “Unable to load balance” I don’t know what to do

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Hello @Alexis !
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Are you adding the correct contract address on the correct network ? Because one token has different contract addresses on different networks.

If that didn’t help, would be best if you contact Support team at and click Start a Conversation

Once you click Start a conversation a live chat bot will appear on your screen. It will give you an automated response at first, but afterwards you should be able to contact the support team directly.


You are welcome to add some more information on what you did. For myself, I always use CoinGecko when I add a new token to MetaMask


Hi @Alexis
Do you receive this error on the MetaMask mobile app or the browser extension?
For the browser extension, one thing you could try in order to fix this is make sure you have the browser permissions enabled. You can check the screenshot below for the necessary steps:


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