Unable to Load Balance (Memag presale token)

I have purchase Memag presale token but MetaMask does not show value and give error “Unable to Load Balance”
Please guide me as it was my first attempt and I am a biggner at MetaMask. Details are as follows.

Txhash is

Hello @Khurram, welcome to the MetaMask community,

Your account transaction history on Etherscan shows that around 0.0567 ETH was sent out, but no token came to your wallet instead.

  1. Is the Memag site via which you tried to purchase legit?

  2. Have you installed MetaMask from the official website at https://metamask.io/download/ ?

  3. Where did you get the attached image?

  1. All these pics are screenshots of my mobile.
  2. MetaMask is downloaded from its original website.
  3. adrress (memag. io) token website for purchase memag token
  4. I think MetaMask is working perfectly because I have transfered currency from and to binance 2 or 3 times (for testing purpose) and it was sucessful.
  5. I think that i have mistakenly entered “contract address” rather than token adddess for memag presale token. Please check this point and if i am true than please help me in this regard.
    I’ll be very thankful to you.

Thanks for the reply. Regarding the image 4, you mentioned that it is from the Memag site. The image refers to “troubleshooting missing balances” … Have you followed the link to get support?

As I mentioned the history of your account on Etherscan shows that you payed ETH, but you did not received any token (please see the attached image).

I suggest you to contact the Memag Support in this regard and let them know that you payed the ETH and you have not received any token instead.
Make sure that the Support is legit and NEVER share your Secret Recovery Phrase and the Private key with anyone and NEVER enter them on any sites.


As for this inquiry: I have found the contract address from the Memag site. Please see the attached image. However, the transaction history of your account shows that you have not received any ERC-20 token on Ethereum after paying ETH.

Have you entered the “Presale Contract Address” in your MetaMask wallet?


Yes I have entered the contract address. But it shows unable to load balance.

Please refer to this post and contact the Memag Support. They should be able to help you. Make sure that the support is legit and NEVER share Secret Recovery Phrase and Private key with anyone and NEVER enter them on any sites.


The attached image shows that you have entered the token contract address as well (you need to enter token contract address in your MetaMask to view the balance). The balance shows “zero” MEMAG token, possibly because it is a presale, and there is no token yet.


Thanks. I am going to email memag support with all screenshots. Thank you


Hi all, I have exactly the same problem on iOS and macOS with Chrome. MetaMask team, what is the problem, can you please give a traceable answer? Thank you very much!

@flomojoe ,

Please contact MetaMask support for this issue so they can gather more information. It’s ideal not to share your wallet address or transaction ID on public forums. While this information is public, scammers can try to use this information in social engineering attacks. For support, go to support.metamask.io > start a conversation. Answer a few questions from the chatbot and you’ll get connected to an agent.

Remember, never share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone, not even with support.

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Hello @flomojoe,

For the case mentioned above, there is no token. The ETH was paid, but no token received. Do you have the same issue?

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