Unable to swap in Ethereum main network

i’m trying to swap floki for eth in Ethereum main network also trying to send floki from Ethereumnetworkto Binance chain but doesn’twork, my floki only shows up with total token but amount is 0(zero) & cant go futher.I also have floki in Binance chain network but it works fine. But one in Ethereum Account cant be send or sale.

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Try adjusting the amount or slippage setting & try again.

Where i have put 3%,8%,11% slippage but still same error

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@Elon5 Elon Elon go to Mars :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: scammer

@Rohood buy more ETH

Any admin or Mod who can help to fix the issue? Quotes not available doesn’t matter whichever token i tried to swap same message occur Try adjusting amount or slippage setting & try again. Doesn’t matter how much slippage i put

i have the same problem