Unable to swap USDT, please help

I’m unable to swap (a large amount) of USDT (ERC20) to ETH. After swapping it shows: “no quotes available, try adjust the amount of slippage.” Adjusting the slippage does not work. I tried adding ETH to pay for the gas fee but that doesn’t work either…

The USDT logo is also different than normal (picture).

Someone told me that I might have to deposit a large amount of ETH into my wallet so that a validator can approve the transaction. Could this be true?

I appreciate all the help!

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Hi Nicholas and welcome to MetaMask community :fox_face:

When you get the message “No quotes available” it means that there isn’t a match for your swap request on the exchanges that MetaMask Swaps uses. I would also guess that adjusting the slippage would help, but it seems not to.

The part about deposit a large amount of ETH into your wallet, I will let some other answer, I’m not sure about that part.

I see two different USDT logos, as you mention. What if you click on each of them, click the 3 dots, and then click “Token details”. Does they show the same information ?



Hi BlueSpaceBike, thanks for the reply.

Their token details do not show the same information as you can see in the screenshots below:

When I add USDT to MetaMask Ethereum Mainnet, my USDT details looks like this. I use CoinGecko to add new tokens to my MetaMask wallet. Do you remember how you added your USDT tokens ?


hi @Nicholas2907 , since anyone can deploy contracts on Ethereum, the USDT you see may not be the valuable USDT we usually use. For the safety of your wallet, please do not authorize or trade tokens casually.

As BlueSpaceBike said, we usually search for token at coingeco to verify its contract address.

In addition, in order to verify whether your USDT has liquidity, you can paste its smart contract on this website.


Hi @tuya , thanks for the reply! Could you please walk me through on how to verify whether my USDT has liquidity. Where can I paste the token contract on CoinGecko? I can’t seem to find the right page.

When you have 100 000 - 50 000 USDT :laughing: probably be fake USDT
What does large amount mean? :thinking:

Open your profile https://community.metamask.io/u/Nicholas2907/preferences/profile
enter your ETH MetaMask address in About me for a moment. I’ll look into it :face_with_monocle:


I’ve just added my MetaMask address in my profile. Thanks for the help @Luigi

It’s just some USDT token :point_down: with no value. Holders: 44 people :smile:

You can delete your eth address from profile :slightly_smiling_face:


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