Unable to transfer RENQ presale tokens to my metamask account

Can anyboby please help me. I bought RENQ tokens on presale from their website through my MetaMask account. I am now trying to transfer these tokens to my MetaMask account. Unfortunately when I go to the Renq website and click connect wallet there is no longer a MetaMask tab. Only coinbase wallet, trust wallet and wallet connect. How can I transfer my tokens to MetaMask? I connected to etherscan and clicked on connect to Web3. I then get connect to a wallet window where MetaMask has a tab. When I click on it, it opens a Coinbase wallet tab. So I am really lost. I cleaned all my cookies, tried different browsers but nothing works. I just can not get my tokens off their platform. Can I connect to a coinbase wallet although I bought the RENQ tokens through my MetaMask account?

hi @user2349 ,welcome to MetaMask community.

Disable coinbase wallet on the extension management page, then refresh the RENQ page and you should be able to use MetaMask.

By the way, you can import the MetaMask seed phrase or private key to the coinbase wallet, and then you can use it.

Also, you must pay attention to safety when buying tokens, because there are many similar scams.


Thank you so much will do that now. Where do I find the extension management page?

as said in the article:

Depending on your browser, managing extensions can work a little differently. To find the correct page, copy the appropriate link into your address bar:

  • Chrome: chrome://extensions
  • Brave: brave://extensions
  • Firefox: about:addons
  • Edge: edge://extensions

Thank you so so much. This worked and my tokens are all transferred. I was trying for 2 weeks now without success. You made my day.