Unknown Issue with MM on chrome and firefox

Dear team and community,

I have a problem and it is driving me crazy.
Chrome W10:
It started a few weeks back when I couldnt trade on pancakeswap when I was getting error nr 1: “The transaction cannot succeed due to error: undefined. This is probably an issue with one of the tokens you are swapping.”
Innocent me thought: probably some platform issue, as they were in the middle of the v1-v2 hussle.
weeks later I still have the same issue, but also notice on other platforms issues. I am trying to connect to matic network, Matic Web Wallet v2 , I sign, and get to the same initial page again.

My MM wallet itself works fine and I can send and receive all I want on every network.

Firefox W10
But than, i decides to check on Mozilla Firefox with a different MM wallet, and i have exactly the same issues.

  1. caches have been deleted
  2. browsers and pc’s restarted
  3. everything is updated
  4. no pending tx’s
  5. vpn turned off
  6. not coin related, using pair bnb-busd
  7. pancake issues are not related to coins, amount and slippage (i tried small amounts, high and low slippage)

I have the same problem in Chrome and in Firefox, with 2 different wallets. Is this personal PC related? if so, please advice, the paranoia is getting real. The help would be really appreciated!

what version of the extension are you using?

I am using version 9.5.7 in Chrome and 9.5.8 on Firefox