Usdt in avalanche mainnet

Hi guys,

Can’t find the answer in the forum but basically I transferred avax to usdt on avalanche mainnet (not usdt.e) and then i have sent the money to my kucoin usdt, because usdt is erc20 and I’ve sent from avalanche have I lost the my usdt or can it be retrieved? Thanks

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Hi @Andymcmonkey
You should not worry, most probably you sent usdt to different network but it can be retrieved. Follow the following steps
1-You should search the transaction history and check if the USDTs are still in the wallet.
2-check the network it used and switch to that network on meta mask.
3-after finding your coins send them back to another wallet address by paying gas fee.
If you still have a problem and you are comfortable sharing your transaction hash and wallet address then you can post here , we will have a look.

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This is a comun error. If you have the seed from the wallet where you sent the funds you could recovered it. You must add the token or network.

If the USDT was sent to the Ethereum address on KuCoin but on Avalanche network, then the tokens were unfortunately sent to the wrong network.

I would contact the KuCoin team to see if there is anything they can do for you.

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