USDT Transferred from Ethereum Blockchain to Polygon Matic

I used wallet Matic Network to transfer USDT From my Metamask (Ethereum BLockchain) to Polygon Matic Blockchain. I used etherscan and the transfert seems ok, and I see the USDT in the Wallet Matic Network but not on my Metamask Wallet. I added after the transfer “USDT Token” (but maybe I did something wrong). What can I do to solve?

Hi there.
Is this a cross chain transaction? From ethereum main net to Matic?
Do you have the right network set up on MetaMask?

yes because I have transferred Matic from Binance to my Metamask wallet.

I also see both Matic and USDT from the service Wallet.Matic.Network

I solved the problem. Thank you