Used Binance deposit address instead of BSC address


It was my first time trying to send USDT from Metamask to Binance SmartChain but I used the wrong address.

Transaction ID: 0xe97520f4188d82146abb45769dbd0dabb74696a23cf3883ff55e3a5858cebbe3

Is there a way to recover this?

Appreciate your help.

Hey @Cleb, is this an address that you currently have access to?

If not, unfortunately you cannot retrieve them. All transactions on the blockchain are irreversible.


Thank you for your response.

I do have an access to the address i’ve sent it into but it’s not showing yet.

What wallet is the address from?

Its a deposit wallet address from Binance

If you sent to your USDT Polygon address on Binance, you should see your tokens on Binance.

It’s been two days and I haven’t seen it posted yet.

Btw i sent a ticket to them as well regarding this.

Thanks for the assistance

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