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Hello. When I enter the safe data for 12 words (chrome), the safe data of my last account appears. How can I find the safe data of my previous address?


Let me see. When you install the extension in the browser you have two option to choose, import wallet o create new wallet. You must select the import wallet option, put the seed and the password, then appear your wallet. If dont appear you have a problem. Try install the extension in other browser and try again. If you dont see the wallet perhaps your seed or password are bad.

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hello, how can I access my 12-word security password. My computer has malfunctioned. I can’t log in because I don’t know 12 words.

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so I don’t know the recovery words (12 words)

If you dont know the 12 words and password you cant import the wallet again. Didnt you write donw the seed? The solution in that case is brute force to find the password in first time and after recovert the seed. In internet there are tutorial to recover but are difficult, if you dont know can you contact to a crypto hunter o forensics.

I understand. If I can’t reach the safe from the computer, is there any other solution? I should talk to the metamask company.

So if I can’t reach these 12 words by our own means, is there any other way to reach my account?

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The information is in your computer, if you have lost the seed and password the company cant help you. You need recover yourself or contract an expert, i am sorrry.

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Hello again. I found these, but there are seeds from the last address I opened. I wonder if the seeds of the previous account I used are also in it.

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@Adel.120 I cant see the jpg image, i will try later again.

The Chrome browser extension keeps a record of your previous wallets too - in many cases even if you’ve deleted them in Metamask. If you can remember the password for the old wallet I can extract the seed words from the vault file if it’s still on your hard drive (and it should be).


I am currently trying to find it with forensic software. I will contact you when I find it.

yes i remember the password

You shouldn’t need to run any software to find it, all wallets should be in the vault data in this directory.
%localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Extension Settings\nkbihfbeogaeaoehlefnkodbefgpgknn

Why are you running software? Have you deleted this directory?

Best, Chris

No, I did not delete it. But this folder gives the safe of the account I opened last time. I know that it does not give the safe of the account I used for about 8 months before that.

I searched it many times but it always gave the words of the last account

How did you confirm there was only 1 wallet?

When I enter all of them one by one (vault) search and type in word finder in metamask, it gives 12 words of my last account.

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I found these. Is it in 2 accounts?