Verasity from MetaMask Wallet to Verawallet

Hey, I just want to know if there is a way how I can transfer my VRA on my MetaMask Wallet to the VeraWallet, I just don’t know what I should do.

HI @Larsoooo look at this :point_down: maybe this will help you :smiley:

sry, It didnt help me

Click on Main wallet - Deposit - Copy address :smiley: easy

Open MetaMask click on VRA - Send and enter your VeraWallet address

send vra

I tried it that way but I still couldnt transfer my vra from my metamask wallet to verawallet

Hmm :thinking: MetaMask wallet shows some error?

Ye, it shows some kind of error, It doesn’t continue there, the buttons aren’t filled out, sry I can’t upload any pictures right here

Try to write me the error :face_with_monocle: which you see.

When I try to send it to my VeraWallet adress I simply cannot click “Continue”

You have enough ETH in MetaMask :fox_face: wallet?

I dont have that much eth, that could be the problem

YES man :smiley: ETH = GAS (Fee) for the transaction.

Well, I tried it now but it only transferred my Ethereum and not my VRA :confused:

What? :see_no_evil: be careful. You need ETH in MetaMask wallet…

Approximately 10 - 15$ or more.