Version update rpc connection display BUG

Briefly explain the problem
Two rpcs A and B of the same main network, if A is in front of B in the rpc list, no matter A or B is selected, the window will display the connected A. That is, the one for the rpc connection is always shown first in the list. Has anyone encountered this problem and hoped to fix it?

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Hello @kkkkkkkkk , welcome to the MetaMask community,

I have tested it on my MetaMask extension on the Brave browser and it seems OK. Are you using a MetaMask extension or a Mobile version? If using an extension version, what is your browser? In case of using the mobile version, is your wallet on iOS or Android?
Please let us know how have you checked that the wallet always chooses the first RPC of the same network in the list?


MetaMask VERSION 10.33.1

I am using the Google Chrome MetaMask plugin

I added my own eth rpc and selected, but the rpc connection shows as default mainnet.infura rpc

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In the RPC list, all RPCs of the same network are shaded if they are active in the wallet. However, the selected one from that network is the one you have actually chosen.

To see whether the selected RPC from the list is the active one in your wallet, you can check from your MetaMask settings. Settings> Networks
There you will see a green tick next to the active RPC in the list.
Please check the active network from the settings in your wallet, and let us know in case you have further questions in this regard.


In the network I see that the selected rpc has a green hook, but that seems inconvenient. The upper left corner shows the first one instead of the selected one, so I hope to optimize it. In addition, when clicking on the rpc list, it is better to add an obvious sign in front of the selected rpc. The current display mode cannot distinguish which rpc is selected
I hope my suggestion can get feedback, thank you

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Thanks for your feedback. Previously, I suggested a simple change which improves the user experience. Please check this post.

Please see the attached image. I have 4 Polygon RPCs in my wallet. When I click on the upper left corner, it shows the one I had selected before.

I agree that the UX could be improved if the shaded color of the selected network is different. However, as I have shown in the attached image it displays the correct selected network RPC.
Try to add more RPCs and place another network RPC among the two with the same network and then it will be more distinguishable.


I specifically used Brave, and it’s the same. I chose selfeth. When there are multiple rpcs on the same network, always show the first one, which is the default rpc.

Try to add more RPCs and place another network RPC among the two with the same network and then it will be more distinguishable.
I think reducing user actions is improving user experience, and it’s just an easy-to-implement feature. It is entirely possible to change the selected rpc background to green to differentiate it from

Thanks for the feedback. My wallet version is the same as yours. It display the selected RPC correctly on my wallet and I have tested several networks. I am not sure what has caused such an issue in your wallet. If it is a bug, that would be good to report it to the support team. via the following link.

I agree that it is better to change it somehow to be distinguishable, either with using bold fonts or different color fonts etc.


I too have this RPC display bug issse. Using Windows/Chrome.

If I have multpile RPC’s for a network, it will display in the upper left the wrong RPC.
But when I initate a transaction it is using the correct RPC that I have selected.

Hey @mv5741, please reach out to MetaMask Support.

  • Visit :

  • Click the large blue “start a conversation” bubble in the upper middle of page, looks like this:

  • This will connect you to a bot at first, answer some questions and it will open a ticket for you with an agent.

Remember - NOBODY, including from support, will ask for your secret recovery phrase or for you to input it onto any website for confirmation.


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Issue has been resolved with version 10.34.0.
Thank you.

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