VGX 2.0 staked tokens

It has been a while since I checked my staked VGX 2.0 tokens. When I click on Connect Your Wallet it does not connect me to MetaMask. Instead, it is taking me to enkrypt. That looks like another wallet.

What is going on?

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hi @bluegray509 , welcome to MetaMask community.

Disable other wallet in the browser’s extension management interface, and then refresh the page, you should be able to use MetaMask normally



I still do not see my staked VGX 2.0 tokens. Nothing is being connected.

I spent some time to find the staking page you mentioned, and I can connect to MetaMask normally.

Besides the wallet, have you installed any other extensions recently? Try disabling them, then refresh the page to reconnect.
Or restart the browser and hope it works.


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