XRP20 Tokens-Staking (Uniswap-Metamask)

I need help with my XRP20 tokens that I bought on Uniswap. I connected my Uniswap account to MetaMask so I could stake my tokens on the XRP20coin website. Everything seemed to be working fine as all the connections were successful. I even confirmed the tokens on the block explorer within MetaMask.

However, whenever I try to add more tokens to my already staked ones on the XRP20 website, the process gets stuck. A pop-up window with just an X appears, instead of the usual confirmation button. I’ve tried using both Chrome and Brave browsers, but I encounter the same issue.

In the first pop-up window where I’m supposed to add the tokens to stake, the XRP20 balance and stake amount are displayed correctly. But after I tap the stake button to confirm, a blank pop-up window with an X appears, and my balance never gets added to my previously staked tokens from the presale.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance or support regarding this issue.

Hi @MannaT, welcome to MetaMask community!

Always make sure what you interact with is something you can trust. Always make sure you dyor and are careful and due diligent whenever using your wallet on a dapp or platform.

This could be an issue from this respective project, so try asking them about it as well.

I would refer you to our MetaMask support team for a 1 on 1 discussion where you can provide more details, including wallet address and pics of it all, in an easier, faster and more comfortable manner. Contact them at https://support.metamask.io/ and click Start a Conversation
Once you click Start a Conversation a live chat bot will appear on your screen. It will give you an automated response at first, but afterwards you should be able to contact the support team directly.