Wallet address changed


I am new to Unstoppable Domains, and bought one domain. In order to manage the domain, I have to link that to metamask wallet. So:

  1. I downloaded, installed and created the wallet. I got 0x56262513874783557b99e95d6af93b792d1e769b wallet address
  2. I linked the wallet to the Unstoppable Domains, and success.
  3. I tried to manage the domain, but failed, and then I realized that metamask wallet changed the wallet address to existing wallet in Unstoppable Domains 0x80c5C4d31E2a5779732667ABB157F1eA0ec38F0A. While the domain is using 0x56262513874783557b99e95d6af93b792d1e769b

How can I use 0x56262513874783557b99e95d6af93b792d1e769b address again in metamask? I tried to remove and reinstall, but the wallet now fixed to 0x80c5C4d31E2a5779732667ABB157F1eA0ec38F0A

Please help. Thanks.

Hi Erico, i had a similar problem with OpenSea. Did you find any solutions here.?

Hi I would also like to change my wallet address. Any advice here?