Wallet lost seed phrase not working

Even though i have writen down correctly my seed phrase i have done the vault thing to get my seed phrase and i came the same as i save it… my wallet still lost! Please someone help…is there another way to get my wallet back.

My wallet crashed all of a sudden and when trying to recover it it created a new one …completely different

please help

Hey @Marticlp, it is likely that the wallet address you are trying to access is not a part of the same Secret Recovery Phrase. Please make sure it was not an imported account or a hardware wallet. Please also make sure you have typed the words in the correct order with no spelling mistakes.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

Thanks for your reply, as i said…everthing is in order with my seed phrase…i even use the vault decryptor and the result was exactly as i have save my seed phrase… even Luigi has been helping me with this with no succes. This is affecting me a lot… i havent done anything and the wallet just disappeared with all my money! What can i do please help …is being 20 days of my trying diferent things…and when i tried to recover my seed phrase come up with a wallet i have never seen before

Hi Martiniano. That happened to me, too, last August. You can go through my messages history, by clicking on my nickname. I know exactly what you are feeling. But maybe there is still a way to find your account. Do not loose hope. You can do what I suggested on another topic, using AstroGrep. I need to see the screenshots to be able to tell what to do next.

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