Wallet ownership

We know by now that if we let go our seed phrase we lost security to the wallet.
New investing options like NFTs and other projects that generate returns would require more added real time security.
Request of the feature : is to be able to prove the ownership of the wallet together with the seed phrase. Or function to claim back your wallet(after it’s been compromised) with ability to change seed phrase.
Or simple premium(paid) version that the owner of the wallet have to confirm transactions.

Hey @Alvys, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Thanks for the feature request! Would you be able to explain more upon what you mean by “be able to prove the ownership of the wallet”?

What exactly would this look like as a feature you are thinking about?

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Like the proof of creator/ownership of the wallet feature. Some sort of ID, like face mach to your ID document or similar- could be added feature to new versions of Face ID phones that confirms your face to if doc- could be linked to third party verification, hence paid/premium feature or when wallet accessed from new IP address it’s gets frozen till you can provide additional ID requirements that it’s your wallet and at the same time owner gets notified that someone tries to access it from new address and do something if it’s not himself…
As at the moment it’s thief’s paradise once they get your seed phrase…


Thought about something else- what about master seed phrase? You could show it once at sign up and never show again, not like reveal my phrase after password.
Show only once at sigh up and with this master one you could change seed phrase to your wallet address, this way prove/keep/save your compromised wallet.


As in a master seed phrase that can hold multiple seed phrases within it?

Interesting :thinking:

Hmm, not sure on coding or how it would work, just have an idea. Hope you can figure it out. It would be great relief.

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