Wallet Recovery with Password

I know my wallet address and password, but seem something wrong in recovery phase because it generates new address.
Is there any way to recover my wallet ? provided that i know the address and password


Hello friend! @JohnBalj Welcome to the MetaMask community forum :fox_face:
We would be able to help you if you could provide some more details (not personal details). What have you done at this point, from A to B?

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Well i had some $GODS tokens , exactly “37.93” from Gods unchained, and that’s exactly what i want to rescue, since i can’t transfer them to my newly created wallet, but i can it stuck in my old wallet address which i can’t recover with the recovery phase ! I Know the wallet password if that does help !

The password only protects the wallet and sensitive files in the PC :expressionless: but it cannot restore your old account.


Do you have the recovery phrase? If so, please take a look here on how to recover: https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015289612-How-to-restore-your-MetaMask-wallet-from-Secret-Recovery-Phrase

If you don’t have the recovery phrase, then this might be relevant to you: https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018766351-How-to-recover-your-Secret-Recovery-Phrase


The problem is that: when i had my old wallet address on the MetaMask, i formatted the computer and installed new windows, brave browser and MetaMask. Therefore when i use the decipherer tool as described in the manual, it generates the new wallet’s recovery phase which i already have it. i want to restore the wallet which was gone prior to formatting the pc.

Sadly it seems like you won’t be able to recover your old wallet as you do not have the seed phrase and you formatted your device.

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Hi @JohnBalj ,

As @2Cu4 has shared, you will need the Secret Recovery Phrase of your wallet you want to recover. If you do not have the Secret Recovery Phrase of the original wallet (before formatting your computer) you won’t be able to recover the wallet.

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