Can't restore MetaMask wallet

Hi there,

I was using MetaMask wallet on my work computer. I quit my job and didn’t saved secret recovery phrase. The company I worked for cleared the drive on that computer and refused to give me any further assistance.

The data I know:
— wallet address;
— account password.

I’m desperate. I understand, it’s my fault. Is there any way I can recover my wallet?

nothing you can do about it, sorry sir, move on

i did learn this kinda lesson in a hard way too (my 8 top tier ens forever gone, two of em are 3 digit)

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As @SPONGKY says, there is nothing to do if you only have your wallet address and password. You must have your seed phrase to access your money.

Do you remember if you might have installed MetaMask on another device or was this computer the only one with MetaMask ?


Unfortunately, it was the only computer with MetaMask.

Don’t know, if it make difference. I used this wallet to store NFTs mainly from Gods Unchained trading card game. And I still can use these NFT-cards in the game.

I don’t know enough about NFT’s and MetaMask connected to games, to help you about that, sorry. But to play a game with crypto/NFT, aren’t you suppose to have your MetaMask wallet connected to the website before you can play the game?


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