We had trouble loading your token balances

My problem is with a transaction converting my PVU to BNB and then to SHIB.

It was OK, I made this from the Web browser, and I was able to see it, but now I don’t see it, and don’t know why

This is the Transacction ID: 0x2ff248e649a7228f45cd0f66cd47e9f69c8f4e54057ecb400ca0b073a9356b33

I made this on the BSC network

Error messages: “We had trouble loading your token balances you can view them here”
I have tried to reset and import again but with not look.

Any help will be very appreciated.

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From the Transaction hash, it completed, and theyre in that wallet. Only native coins are added to a chain by default. Tokens for that chain can be stored, you’ll just need to add each of them before they’re displayed in the Metamask interface. Steps here: How to View Your Custom Tokens in MetaMask

theres also an “enhanced token detection” feature. You can find it in settings > experimental. (its called “use token detection” on the browser extension)


Thank you,
That solved my issue, I added the custom token. I am sure I did that previously, but it looks like I did it wrong first time.



If we’re being honest, we probably all have. Glad you got it sorted.