When I Try to Bridge Funds From My Metamask to Arbitrum One It Never Finishes

I tried to bridge 0.11ETH to Arbitrum One and it never finishes. Literally left my PC on sleep and today woke up and it still didnt finish.

hi, have you checked its status in the explorer? completed or pending?


It says no pending transactions wierd


Have you interacted with the bridge ?
Or is the problem that the “Move funds to Arbitrum One” button is not active ?


yes of course I have I pressed it

Have you checked the Arbitrum network? Sometimes, you receive the funds on the destination (e.g., here the Arbitrum network), but the status shows incomplete on the bridge UI.
Add Arbitrum network to your wallet and check whether you have received the ETH on Arbitrum or not.


Yeah I keep checking and its not there and the money doesnt go away from the Ethereum Mainnet too.

The UI you shared looks like the main Arbitrum bridge.
If the transaction status shows “Success” on the Ethereum blockchain and you have not received your ETH on Arbitrum after several hours, try to reach Arbitrum support.
Make sure that the support is legit and NEVER share your Secret Recovery Phrase and Private Keys with anyone and NEVER enter them on any sites.


Yeah I have waited 24hrs lol so I will contact them lol

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