When will they add confirmation of funds transfers via SMS code from the phone?


I urgently ask you to add protection for withdrawal of funds. No protection lasts forever, not even yours, they will find out how to hack it, but they will not be able to do this without an SMS code that will be sent to the phone number linked to the account. I also ask you to confirm your login not only by key, but also by SMS code. Double protection will protect users from all sides! I am eagerly awaiting your response and hope for a positive outcome, working on this proposal, since I have already encountered negative feedback when users were hacked and all their funds were stolen. This makes me less trusting of your platform, as well as other users.


I just want to feel safe and know that even if I am hacked (any protection can be bypassed, even this one), the attacker will not be able to steal my funds from me without a confirmation code from my phone, as well as entering other confirmations.