Where did my custom token go?

I Swapped ETH to APNX (custom token) and according to Ledger it was successfull but somehow the ANPX does not appear neither on MetaMask Wallet nor visible on my ledger.

Anyone an idea how to solve this miricle?


hey @goFrankgo

what did you use to swap the token? MetaMask Swaps automatically adds the custom token to your token list, but for other DEXes you’ll need to add it manually. The easiest way to do this is to find the token on CoinGecko and choose “Add to MetaMask,” but you can also manually go to Add Token → Custom Token → Paste the token’s contract address.

Hi Jacob, Thanks, I will try it out.

Hi Jacob, Yes, it works thank you very much. there is just one issue left: in the small MetaMask window only 2 tokens are visible and I found no way to scroll down to see the third one. Just when I use the browser view the third token is visible.

Any idea how I can make the third token visible on the small MetaMask window too? Thanks

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Try zooming out on your browser. Let us know if that doesn’t resolve the issue.

I will try it and let you know. Thanks…

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You’re not the only one. In another app that uses metamask a lot, there are a lot of people complaining. Starting to question reliability and trustworthiness of MetaMask. Here is my story…hopefully someone can offer some insight and tell me I’m missing something really easy.

Im just want to know if my ETH sent wrongly to an address can i retrieve it? And can i track it? Need help Thanks

I transferred eth on my metamask but till now it’s been 6 hrs I already receive it on transaction on metask but it won’t show up on my asset