Where is my email address?

I can’t find anywhere on Metamask what email address I used when setting up the account. I had to get back in using seed phrase because I wasn’t sure whether I had forgot my password or had forgot what email address i signed up under.
No password reset link came to any of the email addresses that I might have used.
Luckily I got back in with my seed phrase but I need to know the email address so i can sign out and sign in without always using the seed phrase.
I can’t see my email address anywhere on my account nor on the Internet any information where the email address would be shown.

Hi @mower! Welcome to the community page.

MetaMask is not collecting email addresses or passwords in our servers.
When you’re logging in MetaMask, you’re actually logging into a Seed Phrase. To make things easier, instead of typing-in the 12-word seed phrase each time you login into MetaMask, that seed phrase is encrypted in a simple Password, locally on your device, so you can login into your account using your Password.
This means that if you’re connecting to the same Seed Phrase on multiple devices, the password will be defined at device-level.

This also means that you won’t be able to get your password by email, but you will be able to re-import your seed phrase and define a new password.