Where the problem i

I have been waiting for your answer for more than 100 days now and you have not given me any answer.
Please help, I have lost all my possessions
In the transaction I had, my purchase was incomplete and the amount of 1.90 units of my atrium disappeared. Please help.
I will send you the hash code to help you understand where the problem is. Thankful

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From that transaction hash, it looks like the swap completed successfully.
It could be that QUN wasn’t added as a custom token. Meaning it would be in the wallet, you just wouldn’t see it displayed. I see three transfers and one swap taking place afterwards, that looks to be the remaining balance of QUN. So I wouldn’t expect there be any QUN, if it were added as a custom token now.

Here’s more info on adding custom tokens (only the native coin for that chain will be automatically added): https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360059683451-How-to-view-or-add-custom-token-contract-address

MetaMask also has automatic Token Detection, though its an experimental feature. If you choose to use it, always be certain to verify the accuracy of suggested info. (it can be activated in settings > experimental)

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