Why can’t we place the ‘Import token’ option somewhere on the top?

I have a list of tokens added in my wallet, but whenever I need to add a new token in my wallet I have to scroll down to the bottom to access this option.




the function of adding tokens is placed at the bottom of the list, users need to scroll to the bottom to see and use it.
So it might not be a good design, especially when the user’s token list is very long.


@tuya Exactly, it irritates me whenever I have to add a new token. I’m tired of creating a new account for my new list of tokens.


Bring up the Import Token option along with the other main options

This will help us in three ways,

  1. The import will be visible to the user all the time, therefore saving you from scrolling down to find it
  2. Most DApps and Defi developers frequently use the import option to test token assets on the mainnet and other networks. I think that this approach will help them in this context.
  3. Those users who are new and don’t have any idea about the “import token” button placement may face difficulty and may be lost while finding the feature
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@Expeditedesign, This is exactly what I want.
Hope this solution will be seen by someone in the MetaMask community.