Why is there no QR code reader in either the Add Network or Import Tokens interfaces?

I just had to reinstall MetaMask because it was constantly crashing (and I mean consistently, like every time I tried to go to Settings → Security & Privacy). I was able to reimport my old wallet with my seed phrase just fine… but then I had to manually add each network, and then manually add each and every token, and do so without the help of an integrated QR code scanner. There’s one built in for connecting wallets or reading addresses, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t allow people to scan in codes when adding coins as well.

Tip for anyone else dealing with this: I was able to make it somewhat easier for my bsc coins by using Poocoin in my browser and a 3rd party QR scanner. Connecting Poocoin to MetaMask allowed me to pull in all of the coins that I had in my wallet (dear devs, why can you add a button that does that, then we could dismiss all the ones we don’t want??). Clicking on each coin then brought me to a chart page that had a link to that coin’s bscscan page. From there I could click on the contract, which then had the QR code, and then I could copy the address using my scanner, then go back to MetaMask, click on Import Tokens, then paste the address in. You then have to click out of the address field (again, not sure why that extra step) and wait a few seconds for MetaMask to populate the other fields, then you can add the token. Poocoins only works for BSC, Polygon, and Kuchain networks though, I am not sure if there is an equivalent interface for Eth.

Also, what would be really helpful: why can’t we export a JSON file that has all of our imported coins and networks in it, that we could then use to either re-import back into an freshly installed MetaMask, or import into one of the web based extension wallets? That would be really, really helpful.



Theres the “Token Detection” feature (enable it in experimental settings) which may help in situations like this.

I personally just use the links in coingecko.com (on each tokens contract page is the Metamask icon)

But, I agree, adding tokens via QR or a JSON would be handy for accounts with a ton of assets.
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