Withdraw from LATOKEN not received

I have transferred CYFM to my MetaMask account but status is completed here and yet not received in MetaMask account.
Transaction hash is as follows;

Hi @rehanashraff1,

Your wallet is the one that starts with: 0xF2299?

I can see this transaction was sent and received:

there are a lot more transactions going into this wallet so maybe you just missed it?

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Hello @cbayschm ,
no dear, my wallet address starts with 0x9e7e and I have sent 4,000,000 CYFM

I have also talked with LATOKEN support, they said that transaction is cleared from their side

OK, yes I can see you received them, there was a 200.000 fee so you only got 3.8 Million on your wallet:

You might not see them since maybe you haven’t added the token to your wallet. You have to add the tokens manually.

On Metamask, press the add token button at the bottom of the token list, choose custom token, in the token contract address add:


and the rest of the information should fill itself. Choose Next, and then Add token, and voilĂ , your tokens are there to see.


Thanks for your help and support. But now how can I transfer these to Binance Smart Chain network, and how can I convert these to USDT??

Hi @rehanashraff1,

Why do you want to transfer to the BSC Network? this seems to be an Ethereum Token?

Also to be able to sell it, you need to have an Exchange that has liquidity so you can exchange it to a sellable coin for USDT. I just checked on Uniswap, and the price there is not the price they advertise, it’s like 20USD total for your 3.8 million tokens.

I would ask LATOKEN support to tell you which exchange they have available for you you sell the token or exchange it.

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I want to convert it at Pancake swap, this coin is showing there and pancake is at BSC network

I checked on pancakeswap, and it tells me the coin doesn’t exist with that contract address:

Also the only way to change networks is through a Bridge, but the devs of the token must have the ETHEREUM to BSC network Bridge to make the change. You would need to ask the LATOKEN support if they have a bridge support, but not sure if it will help since Pancakeswap doesn’t seem to have the coin.

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It is showing in pancake with this address;

I just checked on Pancake swap and they don’t have liquidity, they just put a small amount to make the price look big, but there isn’t enough for you to sell.

Look at the price impact at the bottom of the picture, this means they don’t have liquidity in pancakeswap either.

Also there is no way to exchange the coins from one network to the other without a Bridge when the contract addresses are different. so if they don’t have a bridge available, they are basically 2 different tokens…

I am sorry to say this is looking like a scam to me, use an unobtainable coin on BSC network to add just enough liquidity to show a price, but give you a token on Ethereum network where the price is much lower and no way to change networks. It is clever.

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I just checked Coingeko:

it is what I feared, it looks like a rug pull, no liquidity, someone just bought the little liquidity that was there and price went to zero.

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but at pancake the price is going up an up, its $10 now

they are doing small transactions to make the price look that way, but look at the total tokens locked…365 CYFM and 14.4 BNB, that’s all the liquidity they have.

Even if you managed to bridge the tokens, you wouldn’t be able to get more than those 14.4 BNB which is what I was showing you with the price impact of 99.74% on the post further up, where you where only getting 14.27 BNB for your 3.8Million, that is because there is only 14.4 BNB available in liquidity.

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thank you for your guidance and support, I am unable to swap it at metamask, I am trying to bridge the token to pancake so that I can convert some coins and recover my amount. Will you please help me in this??

I am sorry, but the only Bridge I know to exchange from Ethereum to BSC is the Binance Bridge, but they don’t have support for the CYFM token, so no way to Bridge to BSC network.

I am really sorry I cannot be of more assistance.

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Thanks alot dear for your support