Transfer between accounts within metamask - transaction completed but the token not appearing in metamask

Transferred token from Account-1 of MetaMask in BSC Network to Account-2 of MetaMask in Fantom Network.

The transfer transaction is completed with transaction ID 0x22feb4d3b66ec686b5fcb6610e434a161a5bce32e16953293a35e13a61536d79.

However the token is not appearing in my Account-2.

Please assist to resolve this.

Hi, the same thing happened to me with WETH. I have sent from Account 1 to Account 2 within the same wallet in Metamask, the transaction appears as done but has not reached my Account 2.
Please help me

Hey @mebaMM and @Martin2, tokens cannot be sent directly from network to network, they must be transferred using a bridge. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

The tokens should be on your Account 2 on the same network that they were sent on.


I Thank you once again for your excellent guidance in resolving the issues faced by novice like me and it is a great learning experience as I overcome every hurdle faced during my journey in crypto space with your timely assistance and guidance.
I really appreciate for your efforts and the time taken out for resolving issues faced by community members. Thanks once again! :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for replying nakedwinnie!
Use two addresses within the same wallet within the same network (Matic). However it did not reach my destination address.

Hi Winnie!

So it says on my account 3 that I have USDC in it (also shows on bscscan) but when I go to send/swap it shows that I don’t have enough liquidity (even if I go to .00001).

@Martin2, would you be able to send the wallet address you have sent the WETH to? Or a transaction hash of the transaction? That would provide more helpful information.

Make sure you have also added WETH on Polygon as a custom token.

Hey @bleasy91, please create a new topic for your separate issue :slight_smile: