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I wanted to transfer some matic to metamask but I confused the network. And instead of transferring to the matic network, I did it through the eth network. What would be an exit to recover the money? Since I try to transfer it and it tells me I don’t have enough gas (I don’t have eth there) and if I try to change it from matic to eth it tells me that I lack money. I initially sent $134 which took almost $26 in commission, then I tried transferring $30 in eth for gas and they took $14 in commission. In the end I was left with $16 in eth and $120 in matic but on the Eth network. Could i solve this?

Hey @Wilfre505, tokens cannot be sent directly from network to network. To move your tokens on Ethereum mainnet to Polygon, they must be transferred with a bridge.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

Hey, I have this email bharmonmetamaskteam@gmail.com saying metamask community assigned him to help me with my problem. Is that a real thing or is just a scammer?

This is a scammer.

You can immediately tell it is a scam email because it ends in gmail.com.

MetaMask will only contact you through its official support platforms :point_down:


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