How To Transfer Between Eth Main Net & Polygon Main Net?

Hi Guys

I have an issue that is confounding me…I have Account 1, within it I have Ethereum Main Net & Polygon Main Net.

I have MATIC in my Eth Main Net that I want to send to my Polygon Main Net to pay fees…but when I open up the MATIC section within Eth Main Net there is nowhere showing Polygon Main Net that I can send too…

Any help would be most appreciated.


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Hello @KevinRB, welcome to MetaMask community!

In order for you to send your MATIC from your Ethereum Mainnet to your Polygon Mainnet you have 2 methods.
You either send the MATIC to an exchange and from the exchange to your MetaMask wallet using the Polygon network, or you could use a bridge to transfer your MATIC from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon Mainnet.

Both these option will require you to have ETH in your MetaMask wallet for fees.

Also make sure you read these 2 articles to understand better how networks work.


excellent, many thanks for your assistance, will get reading now… :+1:


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