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hello, i’m new and i don’t understand how to get my eth from one network to another. I only have eth in a network where I can’t change it to other cryptos and would like it in the main network, but how?

Hi Visuals,

What network are you trying to use? Is your ETH on Ethereum Mainnet currently?

To switch funds between networks, you’ll always have to use a bridge. Even if it’s ETH, you can’t send ETH from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon without using a bridge, I’ll find some articles and post. Also, keep in mind not all networks support the same tokens. Some tokens are only available on Ethereum Mainnet, or Binance Smart Chain, or Polygon, etc.

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Here is a link to info on networks. Again, you’ll need to use bridges to send the same token between the two if it’s an option. Not all tokens are available on the same networks so you want to be careful.

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Also since you’re new, be vigilant of scammers. Never share any information like a seed phrase. Nobody from support would ever ask for it. Also I would suggest never screen sharing or sending files.

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okay, my ETH is on Rinkeby Test Network and i would like to have it on Ethereum Main Network!

which bridge and how can i use a bridge? sry i‘m really new to crypto

Hi Visuals -

First, Mary is a scammer, do not follow their message.

2nd - Rinkeby is a test mainnet. Anything on there isn’t actual funds. You must have received free test eth to test on Rinkeby (you didn’t pay any actual money for it) there is no way no move that to another network. We all wish there was :joy:.

Also if you ever do need to understand bridges, there is a ton of info out there. Here on MetaMask site there is the “knowledge base” you can click on and use. If you type in “bridges” to the search bar , you’ll get a bunch pop up for various networks.

Example, here is an article for Polygon (matic) and if you scroll down in the article there is a “using bridges” spot you could read. Each network has its own bridge.

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