Withdraw not received

Dear all,

I withdraw 5,086.68 USDC from Ascendex and sent to MetaMask through the Matic Network. In my “Deposit & Withdrawal History” it says that it was successful, however I do NOT have them in my MetaMask wallet. PLEASE HELP ME ASP.

I contacted the Customer Service of Ascendex and they confirmed that the Withdraw is successful, Still I DO NOT have the 5,086.68 UCDC in my MetaMask wallet, neither in Matic network nor in any other network.


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@MarMar91 Could you please ensure you’ve added Matic network in Metamask?
If you have already but the issue persists, please open a support ticket with the transaction hash, so we can assist you further.

Thank you

Im having an issue with a usdc transfer too. Can you help?