Withdrawals not showing

I made a withdrawal from Petron Pay to my MetaMask but I have encountered these problems.

  1. The amounts withdrawn is less much less than what I withdraw from Petron pay.
  2. My subsequent withdrawals are not credited to my MetaMask account, transaction however shows completed from PetronPay.

Please help

I have done that but no response yet.

Hi @PerryElorm and page https://etherscan.io/address/yourETHaddress shows some tokens? On the page Petron pay displays a Transaction hash (txid) ?

Transaction hash (txid)

Yes there’s a hash. It’s generated after the transaction

Hello,Iam facing the same problem!!Did you fix it?

No man, I’m yet to get any solution.

Hello PerryElorm,
I Understood what happenned with MetaMask…
In my case they Petronpay sent the right amount in Petron to MetaMask,the problem is during the Swap process, MetaMask is swapping wrongly is given the wrong value…
See what happenned to me:
I have received 0.23292 Petron(right value) from Petronpay to MetaMask. As per PETRON value we have:0.23292*5000=1164.6$…This is the value that I have Withdraw from Petronpay taking in consideration all fee done.
But during the swapping process,they Just paid me 227$…In Ethereum.
The Problem is in Swapping Process…You can check it,Just análize what happen…
My advise is when Swapping please check before the value in $ that will be given to you…That can checked before you Confirm to swap…

Thank You Hebo. In my case I’m yet to swap my Petron for Ethereum.
The amount straight from PetronPay was waaaay less.
I am even confused here as I can’t continue with other transactions.

hi, anyone can advise how to withdraw usdt from metamask to another wallet/exchange?
i have tried and its giving me error/failed although i did send to an erc20 address,
thank you in advance :wink: