MetaMask swap missing PAY

I swapped 1.75 Ether ($3676.52) for TenXPay(PAY) and ended up with 13.44923 of PAY valued at 214 on my Metamask account??????????? One of the authenticators stole my . I took the lowest cost swap price available thru the search. Lost $3678.66 in the transaction. Anyway to track this down and get my Ether returned to me? Looks like it went to Wrapped Ether in someone else’s account. Block 12105688 ; 75648 confirmations

Why so many confirmations? I picked the lowest price swap MetaMask offered

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @stuarta!! :fox_face: :rocket:

We definitely want to take a closer look at that swap and see what happened with the WETH. For your privacy & security I’ve created a support ticket for you. We’ll be glad to assist you further via email.

How do I know you are from MetaMask and how do I correspond to you via email