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Withdrawl method is not working from mining pool

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Hi @Ranafezi123321, welcome to MetaMask community!

Can you provide more details? What withdrawal method from what mining pool? What are you trying to do exactly?


Sir,i want to withdraw from mining pool(smart chain) to wallet and from their i want to send that money to binance but when i withdraw from mining pool it’s not working. In withdrawl method i put all details wallet address and usdt when i press the withdraw button it’s just load and did not work, i press that button a lot time it’s not worked it’s just load and load again. Me and my three friends have the same problem. We are beginners. Sir please help us🙏.

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What token/coin are you referring to? On BNB Smart Chain?

Make sure you do proper research regarding mining, cause it can also be a scam and you need to be careful what you interact with and where you invest your money.
If there’s no transaction then the issue is on the “mining pool’s” side of things, as they don’t allow or process your transaction, even though you put in the correct details they require. So get in contact with them to solve the issue.

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Yes sir BNB smart chain

Sir it’s just load like that.

Sir how can i contact with them, I’m beginner so please guide me.

Looks like you fell for a scam. Unfortunately, hopes of getting any money you put into that website is very low. Or if you didn’t put any money, you won’t be able to get any out because they won’t process your withdrawals.

Always be careful what you interact with, do your own research properly and extensively and make sure it can be trusted and it’s safe. DO NOT ever share your Secret Recovery Phrase, private keys or json file with anyone and be careful what you connect your wallet to.


Here are a few articles to help you with this kind of stuff and other ones out there. Please read them all to learn and always be careful.


Ok sir thank you so much for cooperating
Take care


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